Trusted School Security Cameras

Get premium IP cameras at no-cost, or
integrate with your existing cameras

Trusted by the Directors of IT and
Superintendents of large public schools

Best in class AI to quickly investigate
incidents, track individuals, receive alerts,
and recognize license plates

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Trusted by Local Businesses to Fortune 500s

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“Coram AI is one of the first systems that I have seen that can take our existing cameras and add AI to it.”

Jason Gale — Director of IT
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“Coram AI is a huge time-saver and has provided us with enhanced security and insights for the school.”

Adam Jones — Director of IT

Cloud-Based Video Security

with Advanced AI Features

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

  • Customize your dashboard with camera
    angles you select for easy access

  • No limit: see as many cameras as you want

    on a single wall

Video Sharing

Video Sharing

  • Share video clips seamlessly via SMS

    or email to your team

  • Videos are secured with clip expiration

AI Analytics

AI Analytics

  • Gain actionable insights from AI analytics

  • Customize your dashboard to reduce
    downtime, improve safety and identify

License Plate Reading

License Plate Reading

  • Detect vehicles, scan license plates, and track
    movements across all your cameras onsite

  • Easily search the video footage by plate
    number or vehicle description

    (e.g. "red sedan")

Person Tracking

Person Tracking

  • Identify people of interest and track them
    across multiple cameras on your site

  • Quickly search for them by appearance to cut
    down on investigation time (e.g. "black hat")

Technical Specification

Premium AI Hardware

Free 5 MP IP cameras and a Coram Point give you best-in-class AI features.

Unrivaled AI Capability

The industry’s first text search interface, AI alerts, face recognition, license plate reading, and more.

10 Minute Set Up

Plug-and-play solution that works with your existing IP cameras.

On the Cloud

Unlimited video archive, quick video sharing, and frequent product updates make this the best cloud camera system, period.

Technical Specification

Our customers say

5 star

“Coram AI's software is designed with the user in mind.”

Director of Security
5 star

“The time to value over our previous NVR was immediate.”

Director of IT
5 star

“This is the future. The software really does what it claims.”

Franchise Owner