A modern physical security platform

Cloud-based security camera system
Works with any IP camera & access control
Intuitive and fast interface for mobile and web
AI to save time and gain insights from cameras
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Software that improves every aspect of physical security

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AI that saves you time

Coram AI: Go beyond just detecting people or vehicles. Access cutting-edge features such as ChatGPT for video security, facial recognition, automated person tracking across cameras, and more. Analyze days' worth of data in minutes.

Share videos in a click

Whether you're sharing a short clip, or a full day's worth of video, share with confidence and ease. Coram AI features one-click sharing via SMS or email.

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Unlimited users,
limited access

Experience unlimited user seats and a hassel-free role-based access control (RBAC) system with Coram AI. Effortlessly manage camera access for each user and enjoy the most user-friendly security experience that exists.

Stay alert, stress less

Stay on top of what's happening with Coram's advanced AI. Eliminate false alerts and detect critical safety events like fire, smoke or fence climbing. With our people analytics you'll never miss a beat.


Track every asset

License plate recognition tracks every vehicle that enters the premises. Observe idle and movement times to optimize your logistics

Access control for complete surveillance

Integrate your access control to monitor users entering the building on the Coram AI dashboard. View entry logs and set alerts for various entry points.


Key Features

Search in seconds
Share via SMS or email
Proactive alerts from Coram AI
Up to 90 days of storage
Unlimited video archiving on Coram AI
Unlimited video archiving
Custom walls & kiosks
Role based access control
10 minutes setup
People analytics
Supports 100 + IP cameras
SOC 2 Type II
Live support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more users to the Coram AI dashboard?

Yes! You can add as many users as you’d like at no extra cost. As well as restrict access to only specific cameras using our roles based access control (RBAC) feature.

How long does it take to set up Coram AI?

Aside from IP camera installation, just 10 minutes to setup Coram Point! Coram AI software automatically detects the IP cameras on your network and shows them on the cloud dashboard, from where they can be enabled.  See how businesses are adopting cloud NVRs here. You check out our detailed help documentations.

What advantages does Coram AI offer over proprietary closed cameras like Verkada, Ava Security, or Rhombus Systems?

Coram AI has an open architecture, allowing you to integrate any IP camera and most industry-leading access controls. We do not vendor lock customers in proprietary IP camera hardware. In terms of software functionality, Coram AI has faster video streaming and more AI features. You can read this post for more information. For more details comparison please check here.

On which platforms does Coram AI dashboard works?

Coram AI cloud dashboard is accessible right from your web browser from anywhere in the world. No need to setup VPN or make any changes to the firewall. In addition, we also have iOS and Android apps.

What about the data security and privacy?

Coram AI is designed from the ground up with cybersecurity and privacy as its core elements. It regularly undergoes SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA audits to ensure compliance. Additionally, all data is encrypted both during transmission and when stored on the cloud. For more details, please visit our security page.


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