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Find anything with a simple search query

Find anything with a simple search queryFind anything with a simple search query

Discover clips effortlessly with a mobile app

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Looking for an advanced security camera system?

Coram AI provides all the key features of a modern cloud-based system to improve safety and efficiency.

User-friendly interface that requires no training

Works with any IP camera, no rip-and-replace

AI for proactive alerts and to streamline video search

Scalable across 1 to thousands of sites and cameras

Looking for an advanced security camera system?

Advanced AI Security With Effortless Integration

Works with any IP camera

Works with any IP camera

Enjoy seamless integration with your existing camera system or access high-quality IP cameras free with a subscription, all NDAA-compliant and resilient against water and dust.

  • Use your existing cameras with no rip-and-replace

  • Get complimentary 5MP IP cameras

  • Add AI to any camera in 10 minutes

Scales with organization

Scales with organization

Coram AI adapts to organizations of all sizes, enabling seamless management of security infrastructure, whether it's one location or hundreds, ten cameras or thousands.

  • Unlimited user seats for any number of users.

  • Fine-grained user permissions for customized access levels.

  • Rapid search functionality across hundreds of cameras 
in seconds.

Quick setup

Quick setup

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up Coram Point and have all your cameras online. The installation process is hassle-free and minimizes disruptions to operations.

  • No complex firewall changes, VPN, or port forwarding

  • No rip-and-replace of existing cameras

  • Uses little bandwidth

Save time with AI

Save time with AI

Save valuable time at every step of using Coram AI, whether searching for video clips, downloading, sharing, or receiving proactive alerts.

  • ChatGPT-like search built for video

  • Get real-time alerts for events that matter

  • Seamlessly find the person or vehicle of interest

Uncover business insights

Uncover business insights

Make your cameras more than just video recorders. Uncover new insights that drive business decisions.

  • People and vehicle analytics

  • Count and track specific events of interest

  • Create alarms for when certain events occur

Learn why customers trust Coram AI

We leveraged Coram to retrofit next-gen AI to our existing IP cameras in a single morning. Time to value over our previous Eagle Eye Networks solution was immediate and compelling. Incident investigations are now aided by natural language search, which saves a lot of time.

Damon Lim
Director of IT

The future of camera software is here. We have been pleased with the performance and tools Coram AI has given us. Nothing else like it on the market I would highly recommend Coram AI.

Clint Bartizal
Business Owner
Golden Gate Sign

Coram AI's software is designed with the user in mind, and they are always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their responsive customer support.

Ricardo Diaz
Director of IT
Dreisbach Enterprises

This is the future, people. The software really does what they say it can and it's only getting better. Customer service and development are top notch, they are nimble and reactive when called upon.

Noah Lander
Franchise Owner

Coram AI stepped up and was able to easily incorporate all of our existing IP cameras into their platform. The transition was very easy, the responsiveness and availability of their team is top notch. It has been a great partnership so far.

Shawn Thomas
Director of IT

Coram AI is one of the first systems that I have seen that can take our existing cameras and add AI to it. It's saved us valuable time on investigations. I'm really impressed with how well the software works and how user-friendly it is.

Jason Gale
Director of IT
Hart Public Schools

Coram AI saved countless hours by utilizing our existing infrastructure. The amount of labor hours saved is almost incalculable. No other company offers this; every other company wants to sell you new cameras.

Adam Jhones
Director of IT
Daleville Community Schools

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Coram AI ensures elite security performance in any environment, sector, and scenario. Your safety is our priority.

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