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Cloud-Based Warehouse Security Cameras: A Customer Success Story

Ashesh Jain
Sep 26, 2023

About Dreisbach Enterprises

In this blog, we'll discuss how Dreisbach Enterprises, a partner of Lineage Logistics, unified warehouse security cameras across their various cold storages.

Founded in 1939, Dreisbach Enterprises is a family-owned and operated business located in Oakland, California. They operate multiple cold storage facilities, with their flagship facility in Coolport, Oakland established in partnership with Lineage Logistics, the world’s leading cold storage company. Each year, Dreisbach Enterprises handles over 400 million pounds of import and export goods from its Coolport facility and ships over 8,000 containers to the Port of Oakland. Given this scale, constant oversight of operations is crucial to ensure employee safety, regulatory compliance, and customer assurance.

The challenge

State of Warehouse Camera System Before Coram AI

Before the adoption of Coram AI, Dreisbach's video security utilized IP cameras from several well-known vendors, with each warehouse security camera system being a distinct setup, predominantly under Cisco Meraki and Avigilon. The primary challenges they faced included:

  1. Limited Video Storage: For processing older claims, they needed at least 60 days of continuous video recording. Earlier systems provided only 30 days of security camera cloud storage. They only recorded when there was motion, leading to potentially missed video footage.
  2. Maintenance Overhead: Each video system had unique maintenance and licensing requirements. The IT team lacked a centralized dashboard to view the warehouse camera systems across all sites and manage user access controls.
  3. Constrained Remote Access: Remote access to the Avigilon system was cumbersome, necessitating dedicated servers and VPN. This made monitoring activities challenging for the operations team when they were not physically on the site.
  4. Unsatisfactory Customer Support: Dreisbach Enterprises desired a vendor who was receptive to their business needs and provided stellar customer support, something they felt was lacking with their existing vendors.

Furthermore, as a forward-thinking company, Dreisbach Enterprises recognized the potential to employ AI video security systems, like Coram AI, to enhance operational efficiency in investigations, license plate recognition, and container number identification.

These challenges are not unique to Dreisbach; many of our logistics customers report similar issues.


Transitioning from On-Premise Video Security (Avigilon) to Cloud-Based Video Security (Coram AI)

Despite limitations, on-premise warehouse camera systems like Avigilon offers speedy access when used locally over a LAN (Local Area Network). A significant hurdle in transitioning from Avigilon to Coram AI was ensuring the cloud-based video system matched Avigilon's local access speed. Many cloud-based video security systems lag behind native on-premise systems like Avigilon regarding local video access. The Coram AI team engineered their video stack and rolled out features that rivaled Avigilon while offering comprehensive cloud, remote access, and AI capabilities.

Coram AI dashboard with 36 cameras

Top Coram AI Features for Dreisbach:

  1. Quick Video Loading: Coram AI video streams typically load within a second, outpacing the average 5-6 seconds of other cloud-based video security systems.
  2. Customizable 36-Camera Wall: For facilities with over 100 warehouse security cameras, it's essential for operational and security teams to view multiple feeds simultaneously. Coram AI can display up to 36 cameras at once with minimal latency, maintaining performance even with multiple users.
  3. Unlimited Cloud Archiving: Storing video clips indefinitely in the cloud is particularly beneficial for HR and compliance matters. Therefore, Coram AI's security camera cloud storage feature was particularly useful for warehouse operations.
  4. Compatibility with Existing Cameras: Coram AI seamlessly integrated with all of Dreisbach Enterprises' existing warehouse security cameras, including multi-sensor Avigilon cameras and Cisco Meraki units, thereby reducing capital expenditure
  5. License Plate Recognition: With a facility size of 1 million square feet, it's important to know each vehicle entering and exiting the yard. Coram AI's license plate reading, which works with existing IP cameras, made it possible for Dreisbach.
License plate reading dashboard Coram AI
*a demo image to show the license plate reading UI from Coram AI. It works with any existing IP camera. No customer data is used in the above image.

Collaborating with the Dreisbach Enterprises' IT and Operations team has been a delight. Their progressive mindset, adherence to stringent IT standards, and agility in syncing with a dynamic entity like Coram AI have been pivotal to the success of the partnership.

Coram AI's cloud-based video security solution is primed for mainstream adoption in warehouses and storage units. The product has been meticulously refined and rigorously tested in real-world logistics settings. We're excited to serve the wider warehouse industry. Upcoming features like OCR, DOT number recognition, and container number reading will provide even more value to logistics companies.

Customer Testimonial

"Coram AI stands out in the industry for their exceptional flexibility and responsiveness. Their team has been quick to adapt to our needs, and has provided tailor-made solutions that meet our specific requirements. Coram AI's software is designed with the user in mind, and they are always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their responsive customer support. Thanks to their flexibility and responsiveness, Coram AI has proven to be a reliable partner that can be counted on to deliver top-quality solutions."

Ricardo Diaz, Director of IT
Dreisbach Enterprises

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