Crowd of people in a shopping mall as seen by IP cameras
Product Update

Effective Person of Interest Tracking across IP Cameras

Jack Woepke
Sep 15, 2023


If you are a security or loss prevention manager, and after a theft incident, you find yourself painstakingly tracking the intruder across many cameras to recreate their journey on your site, we have a solution for you. Coram AI has fully automated this kind of search across multiple cameras, saving hours of time for security and loss prevention teams.

Major retailers' loss of physical property inventory totaled over $90 billion dollars in 2022. Large retail stores and warehouses often face similar challenges regarding their large-scale CCTV systems. When managing 50+ cameras, it becomes difficult to sift through video footage and track a person of interest across many cameras, and know precisely what they did on the site. Coram AI has developed Journey, a machine learning software to detect people of interest and follow them across multiple cameras on an easy-to-use web interface. This cuts investigation time up to 90% for security managers. Investigations that would have taken hours can now be done in minutes. Journey is powered by recent breakthroughs in deep learning (foundation models) and is adaptable to changes in viewpoint and lighting across cameras.

Person of interest tracking becomes complicated with the increase of regulation around facial recognition and its illegality in several states.  However, Journey uses privacy-preserving algorithms that use only the appearance of the individuals, such as clothing color, gait, and other accessories they might be wearing. 

Coram AI journey feature to track a person across IP cameras

Above is a sample journey of an individual in a yellow shirt. Once the user chooses a person to track, Journey displays the top 5 candidates where that person was visible across different cameras. Users can then manually identify the true positive candidates, and a journey is automatically created for them. Even in a store with as many as 40 cameras, this entire process takes less than a minute. The resulting journey can be archived in the cloud indefinitely, downloaded, or shared with colleagues or law enforcement agencies. The application of the Journey feature extends beyond just retail stores. It's also highly relevant for schools, large warehouses, banks, libraries, and other venues that receive numerous visitors. If you're a security or IT officer at any of these locations, please reach out to us to learn more and witness a demo at an actual customer site.

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