Coram AI chat bot for support
Product Update

GPT-powered chat for customer support

Ashesh Jain
Feb 18, 2024


At Coram AI, we deeply care about customer support and service. We strive to make our product as easy and intuitive to use as possible. However, given the large number of features our product supports and the interactions between the Coram AI product and the customers' network configurations, we've found that customers often have questions about certain features, or wonder why they see certain cameras offline, or have inquiries about the bandwidth usage by Coram Point.

To address this, we've prepared an extensive Help Center to provide all the necessary information. Wouldn't it be great if all these documents were fed into an AI like ChatGPT, so that users could directly ask questions and receive answers? With that in mind, we launched an AI bot directly integrated into the Coram AI app, enabling users to ask any questions and get answers, along with pointers to supporting documentation.

Users can ask questions like "What is the bandwidth usage of Coram Point?" or "Why are the cameras offline?" Our AI scans all the product documentation and provides answers to the users within seconds. If the answers don't fully address their questions, users can engage in a chat conversation with the AI, create a support ticket, or get help from our support team.

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