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RAID storage for high-reliability cloud-based video security

Ashesh Jain
Mar 16, 2024


Cloud-based video surveillance is transforming security operations. Solutions like Coram Point offer scalability, remote management, and advanced AI-powered features. However, the method a cloud-based video recorder (CVR) uses to handle data storage significantly impacts the reliability and overall integrity of your security camera system. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of RAID storage technology and how Coram Point utilizes it to ensure exceptional data protection.

The Importance of Data Storage in Cloud-Based Video Security

There are two primary approaches to data storage in cloud-based video security:

1. On-Premises Server Storage: With CVRs such as Coram Point, video footage is stored locally on a dedicated server. This architecture provides several benefits:

  • Camera Agnosticism: Detaching storage from the cameras allows for the use of a wide range of IP cameras, offering flexibility in system design.
  • Higher Reliability: Footage is consolidated on an enterprise-grade centralized storage point, designed to be fault-tolerant and to run for years without downtime.
  • Enhanced AI Processing: CVRs like Coram Point are equipped with the latest Nvidia chipsets, which are several generations ahead and much more powerful than those found in proprietary closed camera systems.

2. On-Camera Storage & Processing: This method involves cameras equipped with internal storage (e.g., SD cards). While this approach can be simpler in some cases, it also creates limitations:

  • Vendor Lock-in: You are restricted to using proprietary cameras from the same manufacturer.
  • High Cost: Anything more than 30 days of storage quickly becomes very expensive.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Video is lost if the camera fails or is vandalized unless cloud backup is enabled, which is often bandwidth-intensive.
  • Not Future-Proof: Often, new product features require camera upgrades with more storage and compute every 3-4 years. Or you are stuck with outdated features.

Enterprise-Grade Storage: The Foundation of Reliability

Coram Point prioritizes data integrity by using the same enterprise-grade hard disks employed by major cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These disks are rigorously tested and engineered for demanding environments, boasting impressive characteristics:

  • High MTBF: Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) measures the expected lifespan of a drive. The enterprise-grade disks used by Coram Point offer MTBF ratings of up to 2.5 million hours, translating to decades of continuous operation.
  • Resilience: Designed to withstand the wear and tear of 24/7 security recording workloads.
  • Enhanced Performance: Provides faster read/write speeds than consumer-grade hard disks, critical for smooth video playback.

The Power of RAID

Coram Point (CP-X-1) takes data protection a step further by integrating RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology. RAID allows multiple hard disks to operate as a single logical unit, offering benefits beyond simply increasing storage capacity:

  • Fault Tolerance: RAID configurations, like RAID 5 and RAID 6, ensure that your video data remains accessible even in the event of hard disk failures. This eliminates downtime and maintains the integrity of your security footage.
  • Data Redundancy: Data and parity information are strategically distributed across multiple disks. If a disk fails, the parity data enables the system to reconstruct the missing data.

RAID Levels for Enhanced Security

  • RAID 5 is one of the most common RAID configurations, where data is striped across multiple disks with one disk reserved for parity data. RAID 5 tolerates the failure of one hard disk with no loss of data or system downtime.
  • RAID 6 extends the redundancy of RAID 5 by dedicating two disks to parity data, enabling the system to withstand the failure of two disks simultaneously.

Coram Point: RAID-Equipped for Uncompromising Security

Given the high MTBF of enterprise-grade hard disks used by Coram Point, the probability of multiple HDD failures within the same time window is infinitesimally small. Coram Point's RAID-equipped CVRs offer advantages that make them ideal for high-security or compliance-driven environments:

  • Data Loss Prevention: Minimizes the risk of losing critical footage due to hardware failures.
  • Zero Downtime: RAID ensures system availability even during disk replacement.
  • Proactive Alerting: Coram Point's monitoring detects disk issues proactively, often before the customer notices, prompting swift replacement.
  • User-Friendly Cloud Management: Eliminates the need for complex NVR setups. Manage your CVR remotely through the cloud using your web browser or mobile device.

Customers across industry verticals are benefiting from Coram Point CVRs enabled with RAID, combining the best of cloud, modern UI and AI, and high reliability. Industries particularly poised to benefit from this include cannabis, warehouses, schools, casinos, and airports, given their high compliance and regulation requirements. In the realm of cloud-based video surveillance, Coram Point with RAID storage sets the standard for data protection. Discover how Coram Point can revolutionize your approach to video security.

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