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SnoTemp's Success with Coram AI

Ashesh Jain
Apr 22, 2024

About SnoTemp

SnoTemp Cold Storage, founded in 1957, is a family-run business with a legacy of providing temperature-controlled storage solutions. Rooted in strong family values of trust and hard work, the company manages 805,000 sq ft of warehouse space across Eugene, Albany, and Redmond, Oregon. The team at SnoTemp is celebrated for its reliability and integrity, which significantly contribute to the company's ability to offer dependable service to its customers.

Situation Prior to Coram AI

Given the large footprint of SnoTemp and extensive ground operations, physical security will always be foundational for the team to maintain their service. To that end, SnoTemp has been an early adopter of security cameras, installing their first system in 2010. They mostly used disparate systems, engineered to work at a specific site, causing security gaps across the system. With a combination of Honeywell, Hikvision, and GW Security cameras, the SnoTemp team ended up sinking exorbitant costs and time into system upkeep. Frequently, the cameras would go offline and require manual attention.

Challenges with a Disparate Camera System

  • Separate systems: The collection of security IT created significant maintenance overhead. Each location had a different setup, and there was no way to see everything in a single pane of glass.
  • Frequent and unexpected outages: Cameras would go offline randomly, causing stretches of unrecorded time. When the IP address changed due to DHCP, the cameras went offline and did not automatically register the new IP address.
  • No enterprise capabilities: The Hikvision and Honeywell solutions were hard to maintain, limited in remote access, and required hours of manual supervision due to a lack of footage insights.

“It has been hit and miss, and it has been a pain point that not all systems were on the same platform. Our previous systems were not enterprise systems.”- Shawn Thomas, Director of IT

Success with Coram AI

When evaluating the next vendor, SnoTemp looked at Coram AI, Verkada, Voxel AI, and GW Security. Among those, Coram AI fit all the needs and gave the most modern features to SnoTemp.

Coram AI works with existing hardware, making it easy to expand.

“We started with the Albany [warehouse], and then quickly expanded to Eugene. Coram AI used our existing cameras and then also provided new cameras.” – Trent Catmull, IT Specialist

Powerful browser-based software brings everything under one platform.

“Fairly easy to use, and finding help from the Coram AI side was quick and easy. Any problem we had was quickly resolved, and they were able to use our existing cameras.” – Trent Catmull, IT Specialist

Coram AI stands out above solutions like Verkada and Voxel AI as the system that has it all: AI insights, overall increased security uptime, and incredible implementation & customer service.

“Coram software was able to take our existing IP cameras, no matter their quality, and the value was immediately clear—it was able to keep them online, record, and was easy to use.” – Trent Catmull, IT Specialist


Warehouse and logistics companies are adopting Coram AI as their go-to solution for video surveillance. What sets Coram AI apart is the ability to leverage existing IP cameras, and provide new cameras at no additional cost. All this with modern browser-based access and cutting-edge AI technology helps organizations save time and become more efficient. No matter the footprint or the IT setup, Coram AI is designed for ultimate usability: connectivity, uptime, and insights—enabling businesses to stop worrying and focus on what they do best.

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