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Why choose Coram AI over Verkada in 2024?

Ashesh Jain
Mar 30, 2024


When it comes to selecting the right AI-powered security solution for your business, the decision can seem overwhelming. With a plethora of options available, determining the best fit for your needs is no small feat. Two prominent contenders in the market are Coram AI and Verkada. So, what distinguishes them from each other?

In today’s fast-paced world, security has become more crucial than ever. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to safeguard their assets and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Both Coram AI and Verkada bring cutting-edge technology to the table, promising to revolutionize our approach to security. If you’re in the market for a new security solution, considering the features, pricing, and overall reputation of both Coram AI and Verkada is essential.

This article aims to explore the advantages of choosing Coram AI over Verkada, aiding you in making an informed decision for your business.

Cloud Video Security Features: Common Ground

Both Coram AI and Verkada enter the fray with robust cloud video security features, such as face recognition, license plate reading, and role-based access control. These capabilities are vital for businesses aiming to modernize their security systems and provide surveillance that can adapt to today’s dynamic threats. Leveraging cloud technology, both platforms offer scalable solutions that can grow with your business, ensuring that your security infrastructure can handle increasing loads without significant additional investments.

However, while these shared features establish a solid baseline for what businesses can expect from a modern security solution, the true differentiation lies in the architecture of Coram AI versus Verkada and the trade-offs customers make when choosing one over the other. This is where Coram AI begins to distinguish itself from Verkada.

Why Customers Prefer Coram’s Architecture

  • Compatibility with Any IP Camera: Unlike Verkada, which necessitates its proprietary IP cameras, Coram AI is compatible with any IP camera, allowing customers to retain their existing equipment. Additionally, Coram AI offers a wide range of complimentary IP cameras should customers need new ones.
  • Integration with Any Access Control System: Verkada provides a proprietary closed access control system, whereas Coram AI supports all market-leading access controls like Brivo, Openpath, and Mercury board. This flexibility enables easy integration of cameras with access control systems without the need for hardware replacements.
  • Future-proof AI Architecture: Coram AI centralizes all AI processing on Coram Point, utilizing the latest and most powerful AI chips from Nvidia. This results in superior AI features compared to Verkada, whose AI chips are often a several generations behind and much weaker, limiting the AI features they can offer. Furthermore, Coram AI updates the Coram Point every 3-5 years with the latest AI chips, unlike being stuck with the same IP camera for a decade.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With Coram AI, customers avoid the exorbitant costs of purchasing cameras, making the total cost of ownership substantially less than with Verkada. Additionally, the quality of video is very similar between Coram AI and Verkada, as fundamentally, cameras are manufactured by a select number of vendors in South Asia.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Coram AI enables customers to upgrade their systems at their own pace without undertaking massive installation projects. For instance, a customer with 50 existing cameras can upgrade them with Coram AI in just 10 minutes, and gradually add more cameras as needed.

Software Features where Coram AI Differentiates

Coram AI and Verkada software capabilities are very similar; however, in some areas, Coram AI outshines Verkada:

  • Investigation Across Multiple Cameras: Coram AI enables users to investigate incidents across more than four cameras simultaneously (up to 36 cameras), facilitating comprehensive incident analysis from multiple angles without switching between camera feeds.
  • Text-based Search Functionality: This feature significantly reduces investigation times, allowing users to search for specific events, individuals, or actions using simple text queries, streamlining the review process.
  • AI-driven Tracking Across Cameras: One of Coram AI's advanced features is its AI-driven capability to track people or objects across multiple cameras, enhancing security measures and investigative capabilities.


Choosing between Coram AI and Verkada ultimately depends on your business's specific needs and priorities. However, Coram AI’s open platform, ease of use, compatibility with existing systems, and advanced AI features make it a compelling option for businesses seeking a flexible, efficient, and powerful security solution. By opting for Coram AI, companies can transition smoothly to a more secure and intelligent surveillance system, ensuring the protection of their assets, employees, and customers in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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