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The Rise of Cloud NVRs: Why are Businesses Adopting Them?

Ashesh Jain
Sep 17, 2023

The Evolution of Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are vital devices in a network setup. They connect to IP security cameras, retrieve camera data, record it, and make it accessible to end-users. However, historically, NVRs have faced criticism for being challenging to maintain, often needing constant IT attention, lacking internet connectivity (which means on-site access is necessary), requiring VPN setup, and appearing outdated compared to modern security camera solutions like Nest or Ring.

Business Challenges with Traditional NVRs:

  1. Need for port opening and firewall configuration.
  2. Difficult or slow remote access to video feeds.
  3. Lack of backup cloud storage options.
  4. Absence of AI capabilities, leading to lengthy searches for relevant video feeds.
  5. Outdated user interface.

All this and more leads to a constant struggle with the video system for IT and security teams. But does it have to be this way? Absolutely not.

Traditionally, the software in NVRs hasn't capitalized on the latest developments in cloud and AI technology. Simply put, the software hasn't kept pace with advancements in software engineering. However, this is changing, with products like Coram AI.

Coram Point Cloud NVR and cloud camera storage feature

Introducing Coram Point

Coram Point represents the next generation of cloud NVR for IP cameras tailored towards business video security. It's cloud-connected, can be set up in under 10 minutes, and doesn't require any port forwarding or firewall configurations. It's truly a plug-and-play solution. If you have existing IP cameras, you can modernize your video security in just a few minutes.

Coram Point isn't a concept from a sci-fi novel. It's a reality and already serving numerous businesses across the US. So, how does Coram AI transform this seemingly outdated system into something so streamlined and contemporary?

Over-the-Air Software Updates: The software on Coram Point receives remote updates several times a week, akin to how your iPhone or Android phone updates. This offers numerous advantages:

  • Fully Managed NVR: IT teams can relax, knowing they don't need to maintain the software or monitor storage days left on the device. The NVR comes with all the software to monitor the health of the software, flag any issues, and automatically deploy fixes.
  • Continuous Improvements: Each update enhances video surveillance capabilities (e.g., adding features like tracking individuals across cameras). The software also becomes increasingly secure, unlike traditional NVRs that remain static for years.

Automatic Load Balancing of IP Cameras: In the past, IT teams had to consider how many cameras a NVR could support and the implications for data retention. Coram Point, being fully managed, automatically balances cameras across multiple units, ensuring that you never go below the minimum days of data storage you need. This is possible because Coram Point utilizes cutting-edge software engineering practices, offering the latest in video surveillance technology.

Manage multiple locations using Coram AI

Access cameras from all your sites through a single dashboard: Coram Point Cloud NVR for IP cameras seamlessly integrates with all your locations, allowing end users to manage all their cameras from one unified dashboard, providing a fully integrated experience.

Incorporating AI Processing: Coram Point is equipped with the latest A2000 GPUs from Nvidia, enabling it to support advanced AI applications. A single Coram Point can simultaneously offer:

  • H265 video encoding for optimal video quality at minimal bit rates.
  • Tracking individuals across cameras.
  • Facial recognition.
  • License plate recognition.
  • Text search capabilities (e.g., "UPS trucks," "person smoking," "man with a red bag").

A user can always control which of these features are enabled from Coram AI dashboard. But the Coram Point is capable of supporting all of them at the same time.

Coram's Future-Proof Architecture

The realms of AI and video processing are advancing rapidly. By separating the processing unit from the camera, i.e., having an NVR compatible with any IP camera, Coram ensures future readiness. If future needs arise—be it more storage, enhanced AI features, or superior video streaming—upgrading Coram Point hardware will be a breeze. This is a significant advantage over proprietary systems like Verkada, Rhombus Systems, Avigilon Alta, or Cisco Meraki. With these systems, you're locked into the same camera for over five years, and upgrades can be costly and involve reinstalling cameras.

Conclusion: The Future Cloud NVR is here

With Coram Point, we envision a transformation in the perception of Network Video Recorders (NVRs). They will soon be recognized as modern AI devices that offer customers unparalleled flexibility, contemporary features, competitive pricing, and freedom from vendor lock-ins. If a vendor doesn't meet your needs, switching to a different NVR provider can be done in hours without the need to replace cameras. Ultimately, this approach ensures that the end-users always come out on top.

If this sounds like something your organization could benefit from, please reach out for a demo.

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