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The Rise of School Security Cameras in U.S

Jack Woepke
Oct 6, 2023


Security measures have increased in schools and campuses across the United States due to the rise of violence.  From attacks to campus safety concerns, the protection of students has risen to the forefront of state and federal regulations.  Security cameras for schools have become one of the most prominent steps to securing safety on campus, and with modern AI features, they are essential to identifying violence and alerting administration the moment it happens.

This post lays out the need and impact of security cameras on school campuses.  These are the topics that will be covered:

  • State and federal funding for school security
  • The shift to a cloud NVR solution for remote monitoring
  • Top use cases of school camera security systems
  • Main features utilized by Coram AI school customers

Top school camera security systems to consider:

  1. Coram AI
  2. Verkada
  3. Rhombus Systems
  4. Avigilon
  5. Pelco
  6. A1 security cameras

Government Funding for School Safety

As states increase regulations and safety protocols for schools, they aim to create a uniform system of safety standards which includes modern security cameras on campuses.  Many of the states are also providing funding directly to the schools for these measures.

State Funding for School Security

  • Alabama: schools with special needs students can receive funding from the state to get security cameras installed on the campus.
  • Oklahoma: $150 million of state funding has been allocated to the school safety program as well as $96,000 to each district for security upgrades, including security camera systems.
  • Tennessee: state government has allocated $40 million to public schools and $14 million to private schools specifically for physical security upgrades.3 
  • Texas: offers each school $15,000 in security funding as well as $10 per student.4 

With this influx of spending, the most efficient way to add physical security to schools is through security camera systems and ensure the safety of students and staff.

Federal Funding for School Security

Additionally, in 2018 the STOP School Violence Act was passed, giving the Justice Department authority to provide awards directly to the states to improve security at schools. In 2022 the DOJ awarded almost $190 million in grants to support school safety.5  The top grant is the School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) where individual districts can apply and receive funding to improve their security measures. This has been a key component for the rise of school security cameras.

Security Challenges for Schools

School cameras require many different features to secure safety.  Historically CCTV cameras and video management systems were used on campuses for video surveillance.  With limited capabilities, school officers were spending hours trying to find the right camera angle and footage where an incident occurs.  Oftentimes, this is too late.

Schools also have multiple buildings, which require several camera systems for the IT department to monitor without a central location.  This was inefficient and significantly delayed any response time.

Instead, schools have begun to ditch the antiquated camera systems and shift to a modern cloud-based video security system.  Modern network video recorders (NVRs) quickly become the standard solution as IT teams can look at video footage from one central location and cut down on response time.

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Top Use Cases for Security Cameras in Schools

  • Cloud Storage: Storing of video footage in the cloud to be remotely accessed from devices
  • Alerts: Receiving alerts when there are people, vehicles, or movements detected on specific cameras
  • Video Sharing: When investigating video footage, being able to share the clips with another party
  • License Plate Recognition: School administrators use LP recognition to identify vehicles as they enter the premises
  • People tracking: When visitors and persons of interest enter the property, security cameras are used to track their movements
  • Investigation: Investigating video footage quickly when an incident occurs

Why Schools Trust Coram AI for Security

Person of Interest Tracking Across Security Cameras

Coram AI can track a user's journey across multiple cameras with a simple search.  If you want to track a visitor on campus, you can simply search for them by characteristic (i.e. red hat, yellow shirt) and it will show you every instance they appeared on any camera over time.  This is extremely useful for security officers to identify where a suspect is at a given point in time.  The Discover feature is what powers this generative AI search, making it easy to search for anything detectable on the cameras to show footage of when it appears from all camera angles.

Alerts to all Your Devices

For emergency response, alerts can be set up from Coram AI cameras to detect certain movements, individuals, or vehicles and send alerts to devices in real-time.  With availability on unlimited devices, an entire administration can have access to all, or select cameras and receive alerts when an emergency situation occurs.

Open Network for Sensors

The Coram AI NVR is an open network that can integrate with additional sensors and access controls.  For example, if a specific noise or movement is detected, a third party sensor can automatically lock doors and restrict access if integrated.  Also if a smoke detector is integrated, Coram AI can send you alerts if vaping or smoke occurs in a specific area.

License Plate Recognition of Vehicles Entering the Property

Another common use of Coram AI on campuses is license plate recognition.  Every vehicle that enters the property has their license plate scanned automatically, and can be quickly retrieved in a simple search.  Administrators have used this feature to ensure students are picked up by the proper guardian on a given day. It can also be used for alerting when school buses arrive or a particular vehicle enters the premises.

Sharing of Camera Video Clips

Lastly, a popular school security use for Coram AI has been video clip sharing.  When investigating footage, for example when a backpack goes missing, a security officer can go to where the backpack was last seen and share the clip of the backpack via SMS or email to the associated party.  A clip expiration can also be applied to the video to ensure that it is secure.


Schools and campuses are quickly adopting the Coram AI video security system, such as Hart Public Schools and Milford Christian School, to upgrade their security measures and protect the students and administration.  Amidst the rise of violence and need of protection on campuses, many state governments are supplying schools with additional funding to upgrade their systems.  With Coram AI’s robust features, many institutions are finding this to be the most viable option.


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