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Best Security Camera System for Warehouses: What Features to Look For?

Ashesh Jain
Oct 7, 2023


Warehouses constitute a significant portion of industrial real estate in the US. Their sizes can range from tens of thousands of square feet to several million square feet. Typically, warehouses employ hundreds of workers who operate forklifts, handle pallets, and manage various goods. Concurrently, a warehouse yard might witness hundreds of trailers and trucks arriving daily. Given the immense traffic and valuable assets, security and safety are paramount. Due to their expansive spaces and valuable inventory, warehouses are prime targets for theft and security breaches. Therefore, a robust warehouse security camera system is not a luxury but a necessity.

Summary: Top warehouse camera security systems to consider

  1. Coram AI
  2. Verkada
  3. Rhombus Systems
  4. A1 security cameras
  5. Security camera warehouse
  6. Cisco Meraki
  7. Avigilon Unity

When selecting a warehouse camera system, consider the following factors

1. Data Retention: 60 days or more

Warehouses often require 60-90 days of continuous video recording. Claims can arise as late as 60 days post-event, necessitating a review of historical video footage. It's crucial that the warehouse security camera system logs videos with and without motion. Otherwise, motion detection errors could result in the loss of vital footage.

2. License Plate Reading (LPR Security Cameras)

Given that warehouses can receive hundreds of trucks daily, and numerous visitors, automatically logging the license plate numbers of incoming vehicles enhances security. The best security camera systems for warehouses, like Coram AI, offer LPR functionality and the capability to set alerts for specific license plates.

3. Hybrid Cloud Security Cameras for Warehouses

Warehouses may have anywhere from fifty to several hundred cameras. Continuously streaming all of them to the cloud can be bandwidth-intensive. However, full remote access to the cameras and the ability to manage multiple sites in a central location is desirable. Hybrid cloud security camera systems, like Coram AI, are optimal. They use minimal bandwidth by saving data locally and only stream to the cloud when accessed. This approach combines the best of cloud and on-premises solutions, providing a seamless cloud experience to end-users.

4. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Warehouse Security Systems

Many individuals might need access to the security camera system in a warehouse. However, some cameras might be positioned in sensitive areas. It's desirable for administrators to have granular control over user access to specific cameras. Systems like Coram AI excel in this aspect, allowing fine-tuned access control.

5. Ease of Setup and Use

An ideal warehouse camera system should be easy to set up, compatible with existing IP cameras that a warehouse might already have (no rip-and-replace), and feature an intuitive user interface. Coram AI ticks all these boxes, which is why major warehouses like Dreisbach Enterprises, Daffodil Storage, Axlehire, and others choose Coram AI to enhance their security camera systems.

6. Face Recognition for Warehouse Safety and Theft Deterrence

Safety is paramount in any warehouse. Advanced AI features like face recognition can deter potential threats and alert security personnel if a known offender enters the premises. Coram AI is designed with these capabilities, offering advanced security features like person-of-interest searches and alerts.

7. Compliance with OSHA Warehouse Safety

Safety incidents, though unfortunate, are common in warehouses. When they occur, it's vital to have comprehensive camera security to provide video evidence for investigations. This underscores the importance of long-term video storage and continuous recording, not just motion-triggered recording.

8. Quick Video Footage Download, Share, and Cloud Archive

Warehouse camera systems should facilitate easy downloading, sharing, or permanent archiving of video footage to the cloud. They should also allow live camera feed sharing with warehouse clients. For instance, goods owners often want to watch their trucks being loaded in real-time for peace of mind. Coram AI offers all these features and more for warehouse operators.

9. NDAA Compliant Warehouse Security Cameras

Regrettably, many US warehouses still use cameras banned under the NDAA, like Hikvision. Given the importance of cybersecurity, it's crucial for warehouses to collaborate with companies offering NDAA-compliant security cameras, like Coram AI. This minimizes the risk of foreign spyware compromising physical security.

At Coram AI, we're committed to crafting the best security camera systems for warehouses and other industries. We take pride in partnering with some of the largest warehouse chains, assisting them in upgrading their systems, retaining their existing IP cameras, or equipping them with NDAA-compliant Coram AI IP cameras.

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